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Hi, my name is Tom Fecteau and I am originally from Rochester, NY, and currently reside in the Syracuse area.  Over several years and a few career changes, I found my passion in helping entrepreneurs start up a training and coaching business as part of an international franchise organization. 30 years and over 200 startups later, I am sharing the many lessons for taking good business theory and strategy and converting them into pragmatic, effective processes adapted to the many styles of people that have an entrepreneurial spirit.

I understand the struggles with changing our habits and rules whenever one seeks a higher level of performance and results. To that end, I engage clients with a mix of kindness, curiosity, and a pinch of direct, unfiltered honesty when needed.

Contact me by clicking on the contact button below where you will find links to my email, my LinkedIn profile, my direct phone, or you can subscribe to our newsletter in the box below. 

Wishing you much success. -Tom

"The load is always lighter when it's shared"

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