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There is no greater challenge than the personal evolution from a passionate solopreneur to an opportunity identifying entrepreneur, up to a high-impact enterprise team leader. Many owners stop the evolution when the challenges of the next growth requirement become too uncomfortable or a setback leaves one feeling self-doubting and the journey stops, then goals and dreams get adjusted down to a new but limited vision. The failure to grow personally is rationalized and the business settles as a small player while another company becomes the industry leader.

If your vision requires you to (may not be happening today) build an organization, have you identified your learning path through the various stages of growth? If you are on the journey and understand the need for management processes, much like you already learned how to implement successful operations processes, who is helping you understand the underlying, and sometimes hidden variables that caused your key players to fall short or not work out?

Join other like-minded Entrepreneurs the 4th Monday of each month

from 3:00-4:00 PM ET.

These Events are virtual and we hope to be adding periodic live events in your region in late 2022.

"The load is always lighter when it's shared" -Tom


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